Sacred Frankincense and Cancer

Softball sized tumor gone in 2 months

"My platinum upline has a personal friend who had a softball size tumor on his colon and was ready to have his colon removed. He started drinking this (Frankincense Resin) water and within 2 months, it completely disintegrated - no surgery!!"

Frankincense Resin Water:

Put enough Frankincense resin to cover the bottom of a glass quart jar. Fill it to the top with boiling water and cover with a glass lid or plate (nothing plastic) and let it sit overnight. Strain the next day and drink this 32 oz of Frank water over the entire day. It is NOT recommended to drink it all at once or it may cause a bit of nausea - the detox may be too much for some people all at once. Each night, add more hot water to the resin and maybe add a few more pieces of resin as they begin to dissolve. Many people drink this one quart of water every day with great results.

Frankincense resin can also be chewed like chewing gum.

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Please note that according to chemistry true therapeutic grade essential oils are all alkalizing and have covalent bonds, that means they can go after anything with a missing electron in its outer shell. That is one of the ways they can distinguish what doesn't belong. There are more studies on Boswellic Acid and Frankincense clinically than pretty much anything else for health.

In attending the YL Grand Convention we heard the physician from Oman who creates distillation procedures state that the only known cancers in Oman are people who moved to other places and that those in Oman who use the Frankincense from the Sacra tree have NO known cancers of any kind. Oman has the lowest stats of cancer in the world. Contrary to a lot of bs on the web, Oman has NEVER allowed their hojari grade Frankincense Sacra outside of the country. Historically it was for royalty. Young Living has the first and only contract and distillary in Oman and is allowed to export it for Young Living. This one is called Sacred Frankincense in Young Living.

Another important note: According to the world's head chemist on essential oils, Dr. Herve Casabianca who has set the standard (AFNOR lab in France) for therapeutic grade essential oils, Young Living is the ONLY company that tests every batch with two matching labs to AFNOR (one in Ecuador where Dr. Casabianca examines new eo's collected by Gary Young) and in Spanish Fork, Utah where Dr. Casabianca has visited several times to ensure it is perfect. Young Living now surpasses the standards for therapeutic grade. Our Frankincense - Boswella Carteri from Somalia is excellent too but the Sacra is the best.

If you are interested in any of these products or in learning how to use your own you can go to or email me for a medical intuitive appointment. Happily, being psychic I don't need to meet the person or animal needing help.

The Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are the only ones my family, friends and clients have obtained results with such as found in these true healing stories.

Disclaimer: These stories are not intended to take the place of medically prescribed treatment or diagnosis.